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The Standard French Manicure has been around since the 1930's and continues to be a timeless classic. Now you can enhance your nails by going one step further with Airbrush Nail Art. Using this innovative technology you can create a variety of nail designs in minutes. Unlike convention nail painting the airbrush technique allows you to achieve your desired look in half the time, drying almost instantly due to the thin layer required and accurate distribution of paint.

Benefits of Airbrush Nail Art:

  • Quicker and far more flawless than standard painting techniques, (No matter how unsteady your hand is);
  • Dries in quarter of the time;
  • Acrylic paint is not harmful to the skin or nail plate;
  • Any colour combination with colour blending/shading;
  • Patterns can be painted and shaded with easy and
  • Smooth appearance, finished to perfection.

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